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Frozen boiler pipe repairs by the experts in Aberdeen

Have your boiler’s pipes frozen because of the extreme cold in the winter months? Here are a few tips by the experts at Aberdeen Boiler Services Ltd to help unblock the pipes and get your boiler back in working order.

Expert solutions for frozen and blocked boiler pipes

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Due to extreme cold and lack of insulation, your boiler’s pipes may get blocked in the winter months and getting it fixed could take you a while. However, the specialists at Aberdeen Boiler Services Ltd are here to give you online advice on temporary fixes for these issues, until our engineers can come to your aid and help you. Below is a brief guide on how to tackle these issues the right way until professional help can come to you.
Expert solutions for frozen and blocked boiler pipes

Quick and easy pipe unblocking solutions

Locating the blockage – Locating the blockage is very important to help get your boiler back in working order. Blockages usually occur at the end of the pipe, in a bend, or where there is a dip in the pipe where condensate can collect. 

Thaw the frozen pipe – Once the blockage is located, thawing it is the next step. Thawing the pipe can be done in many ways, by putting a hot water bottle on it, using a microwaveable heating pack, a cloth soaked in warm water or by pouring warm water on the pipe. Caution: Do not use boiling water or try to thaw a condensate drain pipe that can’t be reached from the ground level, because water can easily freeze when exposed to the cold atmosphere and cause a slip hazard.

Re-setting the boiler – Once the blockage is cleared consult the user manual and re-set the boiler. If you are unsure about how to go about this, contact a boiler engineer. 

Temporary remedial action
  • Once the pipe is thawed, if it is not insulated adequately, you should try to insulate the pipe with suitable water-proof and weather-proof lagging
  • Run the heating system with the boiler thermostat set to the maximum and turn it back to the normal setting once the cold spell is over
  • You can also set the room thermostat controls to 24-hour mode, until the cold spell passes
Longer term actions – As per British Standards, building regulations and manufacture installations, running the condensate pipes internally or externally is ideal. You can also ask your boiler manufacturer for assistance and guidance on solving these issues.

For more information on our services or expert advice get in touch with our engineers or read our FAQs for more clarity.
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