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Gas installation defects explained

If you are looking for information regarding the various gas installation defect categories, then Aberdeen Boiler Services Ltd in Aberdeen is your answer. Read on to know more about various defect categories and their level of risk.

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At Aberdeen Boiler Services Ltd, we specialise in gas appliance checks to ensure that your appliances are in top order. It is important that you check your gas appliance on the regular basis to avoid any mishaps. If our gas engineers identify any defects they will fix them for you for an affordable price. Read and find out more about the defect categories for gas appliances.
Gas installation defects explained

Defect categories 

Our gas engineers will use the guidelines laid down by the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) to identify defects in appliance and categorise them based on the following:

Immediately dangerous (ID) – An immediately dangerous installation is one which if left connected to the gas supply, is considered to be an immediate risk to life and property and needs to be rectified recently.

At Risk (AR) – At risk installation is where one or more faults have been detected and could pose a risk to life and property. This type of risk requires immediate attention and rectification.

Not to current standards (NCS) – This type of installation does not meet the current laid down standard, but is safe and can be used. However, it is always recommended that the installation is improved to meet the required standard.

Concern for safety – If the Gas Emergency Service provider has visited a property due to the smell of gas or fumes, a concern for safety notice will be issued to the resident. In this case that appliance must not be used until the owner or tenant gets a Gas Safe engineer to fix the issue.

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